Welcome to StarTerra, the first gamified launchpad for Terra

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About Us

StarTerra is the first gamified launchpad with a unique combination of guaranteed & lottery based prize pools.

Gamified Tier System

Gamified NFT Integration

High Quality IDO Projects

Deflationary Tokenomics


Explore our gamified tier-based system.




TOP Wallets

Pool Weight 20%




3000 StarTerra Energy

Pool Weight 15% + Up to 15%

Guaranteed & Lottery



3000 StarTerra Energy

Pool Weight 15% + Up to 15%

Guaranteed & Lottery



3000 StarTerra Energy

Pool Weight 15% + Up to 15%

Guaranteed & Lottery



250 StarTerra Energy

Pool Weight 20%




$STT stakers will have an influence on the crucial aspects of platform development such as staking yield, buyback & burn percentage etc.

Staking Utility

$STT stakers will earn passive income not only from everyday $STT rewards but also from weekly airdrops coming from our multi-asset staking feature

Deflationary Tokenomics

$STT token holders will enjoy decreasing inflation model additionally boosted by buyback & burning mechanism fueled by transaction fees.


Q1 2021

Market Research | Gathering Feedback from Other IDO Platforms | The First Concept of The Project Is Live

Q2 2021

Foundation of Starterra | Team Creation | Website Development | Establishing Cooperation with Investors and Strategic Partners

Q3 2021

Public Sale of STT | DEX Listing | Early Stage Platform Launch

Q4 2021

Full Platform Launch | IDO | CEX Listing

About us.

Our Team & Partners

Kamil Jarzombek

Strategic Partner & Investor

Kamil Jarzombek is one of the most reputable cryptocurrency experts and market specialists in Poland. He's been running his YouTube channel which is valued for professional fundamental analysis with a great focus on tokenomics. He's also an ICO investor & early adopter of $ETH

Wojciech Gruszka


Wojciech Gruszka (PanParagraf) is a lawyer and blockchain projects advisor. Thanks to his experience gained in international corporations such as Deloitte and Shell he's been successfully advising various fintech organisations. Known to a wider audience for his Twitter profile based on extensive tokenomics analysis.

Do Kwon

Trusted Partner

There is no need to introduce Do Kwon, the Founder & CEO of Terraform Labs and the whole Terra Blockchain. Thanks to his inspiring work, there are plenty of amazing projects building on Terra. StarTerra is one of the projects which has been built from the very beginning with his support.

Michał Kurdziel


Michal during his 13-year professional path went through all positions in the software development process. He's a well-experienced team leader with crucial in this position soft skills and technical background. I can personally add that he is kind of genius with fast learning skills.

Maciej Miłkowski

Head of UX/UI

Maciej Miłkowski is a world-class UX/UI expert. As the CEO of imTU company - specializing in design and development, he has acquired competencies that allow him to manage entire implementation processes. In StarTerra, he’s responsible for all that is visible. Personally also a great cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Tomasz Kowalczyk


Tomasz is the most reputable blockchain expert in Poland. He is well known from his YT channel CryptoDev where he educates people about technical aspects of Blockchain technology. With Tomasz onboard we have guarantee that our smart-contracts will be designed on the highest possible level